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M O S A I C S & A C C E N T S


ClearFace is a mounting system intended primarily for use in swimming pools and submerged applications. ClearFace mounted tile is a premium product to existing paper-face offerings and supplements dot-mounted mosaics. Additionally, ClearFace allows the contractor to see chips as they are being installed, allowing for realignment when wet, should a chip need adjustment. ClearFace's premium feature includes complete tile back-to-substrate mortar transfer. All Unglazed ColorBody 1" and 2" colors are available on a standard made-to-order basis using the ClearFace mounting system.

Complete tile-to-substrate mortar transfer Premium alternative for swimming pool installations Provides 100% contact between the tile and setting materials, providing additional bond strength Allows for visual inspection and better alignment during installation Comes with extended 25-year pro-rated limited warranty C L E A R F A C E M O U N T I N G S Y S T E M

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